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Learn to work with your unconscious mind

In a hypno-coaching session I use the tools that I feel are most effective at the moment for your issue. Hypnosis for your unconscious mind/ coaching for your conscious mind, empathy and being seen as whole and complete for all of you.

What is hypnocoaching
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My Story

I want to help you to work with your unconscious mind. I have had an anxiety disorder and know how the anxious mind works. I am also a creative person who at times has been stuck, anxious, worried and not creating. I have discovered powerful tools that can help you to break through creative blocks, listen to your intuition, feel more ease and comfort in your life.

I am trained as a hypnotherapist and use hypnosis, NLP, thought work, EFT and dream work in my practice. If you like approaching your problems with a feeling of curiosity and being open to the conscious and unconscious answers to your situation, then I encourage you to schedule a twenty minute session with me to see if we are a good fit.

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